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Now You Can Drive Further On Less Gas & Diesel. SAVE and Make MONEY!

Now You Can Drive Further On Less Gas & Diesel. SAVE and Make MONEY!
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Do you buy gas or diesel for your car or truck?

Would You Agree, Money Saved is Money Earned?

You will save money at the pumps, plus less maintenance means fewer oil changes, fewer filter changes, longer lasting spark plugs, fewer repair bills.

Our Tabs ARE Fuel

Because our PATENTED pre-activated hydrocarbon comes from fuel, when you introduce Xcelerate Fuel Tabs into your fuel tank, they become part of fuel again, not an additive like other products.

Carbon Plaque

Xcelerate Fuel Tabs remove carbon build up and stop carbon plaque from interfering with optimal performance in the future.

Organo-Metallic Compounds

Xcelerate Fuel Tabs were born from Nobel prize winning discoveries in organo-metallic compounds combined with modern rocket science burn rate technology.

On top of all that your car will drive further on less gas. You will drive 20 to 30% further.


 If you have a 15 gallon tank and you get 300 miles per tank now, with 1 tablet now you will get 360 to 390 miles per tank. An extra 60 to 90 miles because you added 1 tablet to you tank. There are 6 tablets per package. With one package you can drive an extra 360 to 540 miles. That's a Free tank of gas or more just for using 1 tablet per fill up. Wouldn't that be nice free gas. Xcelerate Fuel Tabs the next best thing.

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