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Published by: Heather Frost on 26-Oct-21
Not getting it? It's not your fault. How the Affiliate Marketing Industry has FAILED you

Affiliate marketing is exploding right now.

It's not a new industry, it's just hugely popular with increasing demand for work at home jobs and the need for extra income during the pandemic.

The fact is that people worldwide have been doing affiliate marketing for years. Worldprofit Inc was the first company to offer affiliate marketing and that goes back to 1994. Amazon offered their Affiliate referral program two years later in 1996. Since then numerous software companies, and publicly traded companies offer various types of referral programs.

The problem is not that the affiliate marketing model doesn't work, without a doubt, it does! All kinds of large companies offer some type of affiliate program, refer a sale to them from your site, or blog, social media etc, and you get a commission. It's a straight forward concept. Sign up for free at the company site, post or share your affiliate links and earn extra money for referring sales. Other then a link for promotion purposes many companies don't offer their affiliates much assistance with getting sales.

The problem is lies in the fact that some vendors have been pitching that you can make thousands even millions in a few short weeks. It's complete and total bunk.

Newbies to internet marketing have fell for it spending money on the ONE gadget / secret / software / tool / gizmo that will make them rich. The reality soon sets in that it take a lot of promotion, a lot of sales referrals to make even a LITTLE bit of money. People will post here and there then get frustrated that they aren't making any money. So the eager but unknowing buys another product, source, ebook, video series thinking that will help. Then they attend a splashy webinar and are convinced by the "6 Figure Experts" they need their own PRODUCT to make the big money, so then it's on to buying this and that to research and develop your product and get it into one of the many Digital Marketplaces. Most people don't have the time or the deep pockets to get their product on the market. Those who have done this journey have often found themselves out of a lot of money, in many cases with little to show for it.

If you're not getting it, it's not your fault if you've stumbled and lost your way in this business. You've been doled up a convincing story by flashy vendors that it's so easy; you don't have to do any work, someone else will get your sales for you while you lay on a beach.

Now that you have found your way here, a little burned perhaps, but definitely a lot smarter, you'll be happy to learn there's a better way, a smarter way to earn from affiliate marketing.

Worldprofit has been providing software, training, support and specialized services for affiliate marketers for over 25 years. Our system works when you follow our comprehensive training and consistently work to grow your business. Worldprofit won't make any income claims or try to razzle dazzle you with pictures of expensive cars and promises of riches. What you earn will be up to you and the effort you put into making it work using our time-tested proven success system.



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